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Web design & development

April 2014

J B Coad & Son are a long established family-run opticians based in Aylesbury who provide a professional quality service in a very friendly and helpful way. They wanted a new site which was modern and easy to use on phones and tablets. It should distinguish them from the high street chain opticians. They also wanted to easily edit the site themselves whenever they wanted.

The solution was iBizified…

iBizify.net used the calm and welcoming atmosphere J B Coad’s has created in their shop to influence the design of the site. iBizify.net adapted the shop colours, wallpaper, styles and signs using photography, image manipulation and a bit of magic.

By building a whole new touch-enabled site based on the modern way of reading and scrolling left-to-right and including all of the content on one page iBizify.net provided visitors with a fast and smooth experience while maintaining the navigational structure people are used to. The site has separate renditions for phones and tablets / large screen devices to provide the best user experience.

iBizify.net's Site Editor software enables J B Coad to easily manage their day-to-day site content. The Site Editor automatically formats and synchronises J B Coad’s content on both the tablet and phone site. The site is hosted on iBizify.net's performance-managed servers. iBizify.net’s software and engineers monitor the performance and security of the site 24/7 to ensure site visitors enjoy a consistently great experience.

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