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August 2013 was approached by an entrepreneurial individual to expand on an idea for a retail industry mobile app and website. The client wished to explore the viability of such a project. Since this project related to an internal, proprietary prototype the client and exact nature of the project are not disclosed here.

Over a number of consultation meetings, helped the client to draw up and expand upon their ideas and concepts into more tangible and functional elements. A number of suggestions were made by both parties, some of which went on to be incorporated into the project.

Following the consultation period, produced a demonstrative interactive mobile app, and an extensive 32-page report that combined a brief and high-level specification.

Demonstration app

A limited-feature working prototype app was produced on Windows Phone to allow the idea to be shared with and presented to potential project stakeholders to gain interest, support and finance.


The brief included topics such as:

  • Industry research
  • Competitive research
  • Prototyping
  • Development considerations and options
  • Engaging stakeholders and vendors
  • Development, testing and resourcing
  • On-going resourcing and administration
  • Privacy and legal considerations
  • Suggested next steps

High-level specification

The specification included topics such as:

  • UI design
    • Suggested design illustrations
    • Mobile app and website overall
    • Windows, Android, iPhone specifics
    • Responsive and touch-enabled
    • Upcoming platform feature research
  • Views
    • Purpose and features
    • First-time-user experience and tutorial
  • Functional details
  • Third-party integration
    • Interoperation (such as Facebook)
    • Secure third-party access via web API
    • Logging in using Microsoft, Facebook, Google accounts, etc.
  • Database modelling
    • Schema brief
    • Key data entities
    • Database models and illustrations
  • Security considerations
  • Administrative tools
  • Infrastructure requirements
    • Use of scalable cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure


The demonstration app aided in selling the idea and forming understanding of the concept by providing a tangible product that they could really play with.

The project brief helped the client to share the concept with non-technical stakeholders, allowing them to gain an understanding of the project, the proposed product, its purpose, features, and benefits.

The high-level specification provided a proposal for the prototype and detailed a number of key areas. It provided a starting point towards creating a full development specification, for use by and / or third-party developers.

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