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Ulf Jagborn, Aylesbury

Computer servicing

Ulf Jagborn of Aylesbury approached as his desktop computer was regularly locking up, crashing and running very slowly. The computer had some unwanted software that was difficult to remove including an over-zealous antivirus solution that was causing performance issues. performed a full computer service that included exhaustive power, memory and storage testing, virus, malware and adware removal, driver updates, security checks, clean up, software optimisation and more.

It was discovered during testing that the computer had a problem with the memory chips that was causing system crashes. This problem was resolved before full re-testing. Unwanted or unrequired software and some minor malware were removed. The system was fully optimised. A change of antivirus was recommended and implemented.

Following the service, the computer was fully reliable and operated much faster.

After the computer was cleaned up inside and out, the device was returned to Ulf along with his computer service summary report, that included an advisory on how to avoid similar problems in future and suggestions on additional software that may help.

What Ulf said…

Steve at really knows what he is doing! Not only will he fix the problems - he also adds tips as to what to do in the future and how to do it. I'm not a very computer literate person, a computer is just a tool for me, but Steve has got the patience and skill to talk and explain to people like me, without the jargon of his industry, why, where and how. If you are an IT Professional yourself - start using his services - I know you will enjoy working with Steve.

When he had completed his “surgery” on my desktop I also handed over our family laptop, which was full of "whatevers". It was so slow that once we managed to start it up, we did not want to switch it off. And all these pop up ads!! I don't know how many ad-blockers we had tried, but as Steve suggested – they were creating more ads! He was right! Now we also have a healthy and fast working laptop.

Thank you Steve! You are a star and I hope more people and businesses will join in and become grateful customers! Good Luck!

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  • Did you know that many computers have some form of malware that anti-virus cannot detect or remove?
  • can remove software and viruses manually, that many support companies cannot!
  • We can potentially recover data from “dead” devices, even if they have been wiped.
  • If you have a computer problem that you have been told cannot be fixed – contact us before you abandon hope!

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