13 June 2014

Are you a Binger, Regular Tippler or Abstainer?

When it comes to your business how often do you sit down and invest time in learning something new? We all work very differently but a bit like drinking, your attitude to learning can affect your business. So do you fit into any of these descriptions?

Binger – There are long gaps between learning but something triggers a huge time investment – maybe some new software, a client needing something different, the competition raising the game. You immerse yourself and learn quickly, leaping forward, getting the changeover completed as soon as possible. And once you have learnt all you need you relax back and reap the rewards…until the next time.

Abstainer – If it wasn't for the fact that you can't do what you need to do without learning something new, you really would not bother. You normally know what you need to know and it's always worked in the past so you don't waste time until it no longer works. You wait as long as possible before changing anything and you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of changing software or your processes.

Regular Tippler – You like to feel you are not missing out – just a little learning each week to build your knowledge and master new skills. You like learning but have to balance it with your other business goals. You realise that new software can open up new possibilities in ways of working, efficiencies and savings but take a steady approach to change, learning and planning but always moving forward and exploring.

With most people it varies over time and you may fit in to all three categories depending on what you are learning about.  Where do you fit?

P.S. I went to a very inspiring talk at The Late Breakfast Chalgrove by Penny Mallory who challenged us to work outside our comfort zone – and I decided that it was time I did my first blog post and invited people to follow and share our pages. I shall pass on the challenge and say learn something new today!


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