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Simplicity Promise

Services that come with iBizify’s Simplicity Promise offer the following benefits:

  • They are available either on a monthly basis or on a “Pay As You Go” basis.
  • There are no long-term obligations.
  • They don’t have any complicated or unnecessary conditions.
  • They don’t include any unnecessary hardware or software.
  • They maximise the use of your existing capital investments.

iBizify is committed to working closely with its vendors to secure the best terms for its clients. Although the simplicity promise can’t yet be applied to all services, we’re proud to say that over 90% of them now meet these standards!


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Secure your online identity.

Keeper Security logo

Keeper Security allows you to create long complex passwords without having to remember them. Passwords, 2 factor authentication, store card details, pin numbers, secure notes, encryption keys and more are stored in a secure vault.

Built for business, Keeper provides sharing tools, role-based access, auditing, policy enforcement, activity reports and alerts.

From just £4 per user per month with quantity and service discounts available. Free administration and onboarding is included.*

Keeper screenshot, activity charts


  • Powerful desktop and browser autofill tools across all your devices.
  • Create and store unique, long, complex passwords for all your online services.
  • Easy folder and role-based sharing for secure collaboration.
  • No more common passwords or having to remember login details.
  • Securely store card details, pin numbers, secure notes, encryption keys, files and much more.
  • On-screen QR code scanner for easy 2FA / MFA setup.
  • Manage and share 2FA/MFA codes from all your devices without dependance on a phone.
  • Security auditing, activity reporting and alerts.
  • Each business user also receives a Family plan for up to five users.
  • Get up and running quickly with rapid import tools.
  • Connect to Microsoft 365 to secure your whole organisation.

Keeper Security screenshot password vault

BreachWatch@ by Keeper scans vaults for passwords that have been exposed on the dark web from a public data breach and notifies the user to take action.

Security Audit Score and Reporting provides password security visibility with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

Admin Console distributes, manages and monitors Keeper across the entire organisation and enforces password security, 2FA and other data security policies.

* One hour onboarding session is included. User management included. Password migration service at additional cost.  All prices exclude VAT. Subscription fee calculated on application.  Minimum one year term, payable monthly. Discounts available for multi-user applications and Priority members.

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