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Simplicity Promise

Services that come with iBizify’s Simplicity Promise offer the following benefits:

  • They are available either on a monthly basis or on a “Pay As You Go” basis.
  • There are no long-term obligations.
  • They don’t have any complicated or unnecessary conditions.
  • They don’t include any unnecessary hardware or software.
  • They maximise the use of your existing capital investments.

iBizify is committed to working closely with its vendors to secure the best terms for its clients. Although the simplicity promise can’t yet be applied to all services, we’re proud to say that over 90% of them now meet these standards!


iBizify Priority icon (bell)

Proactive business service with discounts.

In combination with iBizify service units*, a monthly Priority membership delivers a proactive business support and consultancy service with added benefits.

One monthly fee ensures you’re always connected when you need it.  Service units are levied only as you engage the service.  With regular detailed usage reports, you are always in control.  Top-up as and when you need.

Simplicity Promise

iBizify have kept Priority simple!

iBizify Simplicity



Priority booking, priority days

Get help promptly. Receive regular weekly attention for on-going tasks. Monday-Saturday 0900 to 1730.

Emergency cover

Phone 01296252015 for urgent matters from 0800 to 2000 Monday-Saturday.

Instant messaging

Text us via Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp.

Instant connection

iBizify Connect permits an instant remote support connection on demand.



20% off service packs

Substantial savings on service units.

Service and solution discounts

Preferential rates on Microsoft 365, Remote, Protect, Broadband, Phone, and more.

Scalable and subscription based

Only pay for what you use.



Proactive working relationship

We will get to know your business, keep in touch, and keep on top of issues.

Monthly review call

Free hour each month to discuss your new and upcoming needs.

Simplicity promise

No long-term commitment. No setup fees. Cancel any time.

Security promise

Subject to iBizify’s strict data handling policy and service standards.

* A service unit typically represents one hour of work. Some work such as web content updates use 0.5 units per hour. Other use such as software development or analytics use 1.5 units per hour.  A service unit balance is required for service engagement.

Priority membership from £90 per month POA.  Service units are £80 each, or £680 for ten. 20% off for Priority subscribers.

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