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Simplicity Promise

Services that come with iBizify’s Simplicity Promise offer the following benefits:

  • They are available either on a monthly basis or on a “Pay As You Go” basis.
  • There are no long-term obligations.
  • They don’t have any complicated or unnecessary conditions.
  • They don’t include any unnecessary hardware or software.
  • They maximise the use of your existing capital investments.

iBizify is committed to working closely with its vendors to secure the best terms for its clients. Although the simplicity promise can’t yet be applied to all services, we’re proud to say that over 90% of them now meet these standards!


Support, Development, Integration.

Whether you have a specific task or problem to solve, or need on-going ad-hoc assistance, iBizify Service Units offer a simple solution without the commitment or fuss of a support contract.

With an iBizify Service Unit balance, you can schedule service for direct engagement, or use service by prior arrangement for on-going tasks.

  • Schedule support sessions online.
  • Tracking reference assigned.
  • Detailed reports of the progress and outcome.
  • All usage agreed in advance.
  • Receive regular unit balance updates.
  • Service units have no expiry date.
  • Top-up as or when you need.

iBizify service units can be used for just about anything such as support, consultancy, planning, training, development, repairs, upgrades, documentation.

A service unit typically represents one hour of work. Some work such as web content updates use 0.5 units per hour. Other use such as software development or analytics use 1.5 units per hour.

We happily support Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft 365, along with many other platforms, devices, and services.

Simplicity Promise

iBizify have kept Service Units simple!

iBizify Simplicity


For all:

Single unit                                         £80

10-unit service pack                           £680

Exclusively for Priority members:

10-unit service pack                           £544

21-unit Priority pack                        £1,088

All prices exclude VAT.

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IT consultancy, support, integration, development, and cloud services

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